Group of parents and children enjoy a baby swimming lesson together

The Value of Swimming

At PaddlePod we see at first-hand the benefits swimming brings, to both body and mind – not just for children, but for people of all ages and levels of fitness or ability. Learning to swim can, of course, save lives but it also has proven benefits for a vast range of physical and emotional conditions. And, by teaching children to swim, we are giving them a skill that will undoubtedly help them to navigate the pressures of life as they grow up.

357 million reasons to learn to swim

So, we are delighted that Swim England – the national governing body – has this month called on the Government to “invest in facilities and school swimming.”

Their call came on the back of a Value of Swimming report they have published, which reveals some pretty staggering figures. They found, for example, that regular swimming saves the NHS and social care system £357m year, and are urging that it should be recommended by GPs.

The report also states that, along with providing exercise and social interaction for those with mobility problems and a greater risk of falling, regular swimming can help reduce the risk or impact of the following five conditions: dementia, type 2 diabetes, depression, stroke, and colon and breast cancer. In fact, they estimate that swimming saves the NHS £140m by helping those with dementia, and £51m in reduced GP visits.

Three-quarters of existing facilities to close

However, shockingly, Swim England’s report also predicts that only a quarter of existing swimming pools across England could still be open in 30 years – and are calling on Government to reverse this with a programme of investment in facilities and programmes.

Leading the way

This report and this call to action is music to our ears.

Like Swim England, we know that swimming can transform lives – that’s why we’re investing £700,000 to create two purpose-built swimming pools with state-of-the-art facilities across Newcastle and North Tyneside.

And why we will further our aim – to help people, through swimming, to live longer, better, happier lives.

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